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President Obama will visit East Asia this week – stopping in Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines and South Korea. All these nations have territorial disputes with China. The president has repeatedly promised a military and diplomatic shift of focus to the region. How much has been spent so far on the "pivot" and is it real? Plus, last week, the deadliest avalanche to rip through Mount Everest killed 13 sherpa guides. It’s prompted the sherpas to ask for better compensation, and threaten a strike, just as the climbing season begins on the mountain. Krissy Clark looks at the central role of the Sherpas in Mount Everest's climbing industry. Then , two railroads are scrambling to comply with a federal order to get fertilizer to Midwestern farmers in time for spring planting. Shipments of crude oil have squeezed out other freight, so much that farmers were being told they wouldn’t get full orders of fertilizer in time. How does oil trump other freight?

Why it makes economic sense to send a letter for 49 cents

For less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can send a letter halfway across the globe. How?
Posted In: U.S. Postal Service, mail

The costs of climbing Mount Everest

Sherpas in Nepal consider a strike following last week's avalanche. We look at the influence of money on the most dangerous climb of all.
Posted In: Mount Everest

Skechers a winner this Boston Marathon

Meb Keflezighi ran more than 26 miles in 2:08:37. Wearing Skechers.
Posted In: boston marathon, skechers
A locomotive sits on the tracks near the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway

Fertilizer for farmers competes with oil for rail cars

Farmers say railroads' shipments of crude oil are crowding out the fertilizer they need for spring planting.

Prefab apartment buildings on the rise

Is modular construction poised to take off in the U.S.?
Posted In: apartments, modular buildings, factories

President Obama travels east, still pledging a 'pivot'

The President will visit East Asia this week – stopping in Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines and South Korea.
Posted In: F-35, asia, Southeast Asia, President Obama, military spending

Don't drink coffee as soon as you wake up

And other workday-maximizing advice from Quartz's Rachel Feltman.
Posted In: Quartz

The poetry of 'bankrupt' and 'nest egg'

Pondering the etymology, imagery and poetry of the Fed and its friends.
Posted In: poetry

If life gives you eggs, make egg salad

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