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Kraft brand Macaroni & Cheese and Cadbury chocolate
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Saved by the spring - retail sales increased 1.1 per cent in March, the biggest jump since September 2012.  This might be pent-up demand from a difficult winter, but what's the story behind the figures? When both the job market and wages are still weak, Mitchell Hartman looks at where the money's coming from. Also, a new report from the U.N.’s climate panel says we’ve got 15 years to turn things around or potentially really suffer the effects of global warming in the future. This is the starkest call for action yet, but the report also illustrates why calls for this kind of action are so hard for people to process.  Plus, Maxwell House coffee is getting a makeover today, but it’s only the most recent Kraft vintage brand to get one. Kraft’s going through its older brands, some of the most famous in consumer goods, and refreshing them for modern times.    
Kraft Foods brands

Kraft hits refresh button on vintage brands

Maxwell House coffee gets a makeover today, the latest of Kraft's vintage brands to get one.
A boy walks along a seaweed farm

Global warming: 15 years to change things...

...or else, says The U.N.’s climate panel.

Retail sales: What's driving demand?

Retail sales increased 1.1 per cent in March, the biggest jump since September 2012.
Posted In: retail sales
Chicken Corsage

Kentucky fried prom corsages

How to (literally) chicken out on prom.

When the IRS 'likes' your Facebook update

The IRS is using data to crack down on tax dodgers
Posted In: IRS, tax dodgers

Tyrant lizard king arrives in Washington

Marketplace Datebook for Tuesday, April 15

Real estate flippers are back!

Some of the biggest players in the housing bubble were house flippers.
Posted In: Housing, flip this house

Marketing the moon

How a marketing campaign helped the U.S. win the space race.
Posted In: moon, NASA

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