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Apr 14, 2008

Marketplace for Monday, April 14, 2008

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Website tries getting groups organized

Apr 14, 2008
Anyone who's ever tried to organize a group purchase, event or boycott knows it can be like herding cats. A Chicago company is taking on that challenge with a Web-based tool for organizing the masses. Gabriel Spitzer reports.

Financial world's bigwigs come up short

Apr 14, 2008
The International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the G-7 wrapped up three long days of top-level meetings this past weekend. But they couldn't devise a coordinated plan to unstick the troubled financial markets. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

A billion dollars for Circuit City?

Apr 14, 2008
Faltering video chain Blockbuster is making a $1.3 billion offer for floundering electronics giant Circuit City. And that's prompting a lot of questions -- like, where's it going to get that kind of money? Lisa Napoli reports.

Chinese learning market's ups, downs

Apr 14, 2008
Those who think American stock markets are shaky should check out the Shanghai Composite index. It's off almost 35% so far this year. Marketplace's Scott Tong in Shanghai discusses the ways of Chinese investors with Kai Ryssdal.

Nothing to gain from capital-gains hike

Apr 14, 2008
The tax code hasn't gotten much attention in the presidential debate so far. But commentator and business historian John Steele Gordon says proposals to raise capital gains taxes might not be so smart.

Taxes in your online shopping cart?

Apr 14, 2008
Looking for new revenue sources, states are considering levying taxes on Internet retail. California is thinking about taxing music downloads, and New York says it's going to start hitting up companies like Amazon. Alisa Roth reports.

Higher prices land on school lunch trays

Apr 14, 2008
Rising food prices are making most everyday shoppers a bit more cost-conscious. So imagine what it's like for people who are trying to buy healthy foods for schools' hot-lunch programs. Sarah Gardner reports.

Is Wachovia news start of a wild ride?

Apr 14, 2008
With Wachovia posting an unexpected first-quarter loss of $350 million, investors are left to wait and wonder what's coming up around the next curve as more earnings reports from investment banks are due this week. Bob Moon reports.

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