Marketplace for May 12, 2011

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Marketplace for May 12, 2011

The big deal about Google's Chromebook

Reporter Steve Henn discusses why Google's new laptop, the Chromebook, could be a game changer and some of its security risks.

What's in a drug name?

Potentially billions can go into naming a drug. Which is why pharmaceutical companies spend lots of money trying to land just the right arrangements of consonants and vowels.
Posted In: Health

High gas prices start to hit the economy

Recent hikes in gas prices are taking their toll on the economy as hard-pressed American consumers start to curtail their spending.
Posted In: Economy

Why the U.S. needs to invest in Pakistan

Americans send billions of dollars in military and economic aid to Pakistan. Should that continue?

Music sales rise after years in the doldrums

Recent figures show album sales rose for the first time in six years. Part of the reason is the popularity of music from British artist, Adele.
Posted In: Entertainment

Traction to replace Fannie and Freddie

A bill introduced in Congress today would have five semi-public companies issue mortgage-backed securities. The bipartisan effort has fans.
Posted In: Housing

How the Internet is being filtered specifically for you

Eli Pariser, author of "The Filter Bubble: What the Internet is Hiding From You," talks about what companies are doing online to personalize your Internet experience -- and profit from it.

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