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Marketplace for June 27, 2011

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Marketplace for June 27, 2011

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Shelf Life

Why it's important for communities to have bookstores

by Tess Vigeland Jun 27, 2011
Author Ann Patchett discusses what it's like to open her own bookstore and what she finds most surprising about her entrepreneurial efforts.

Some hospitals think 'lean' when it comes to health care

by David Weinberg Jun 27, 2011
One strategy for fixing the U.S. health care system that's been gaining momentum lately has origins in the Far East.

Pentagon budget under scrutiny

by David Gura Jun 27, 2011
As President Obama restarts talks on national debt, some Republicans are now open to slashing military spending.

American Airlines' new boarding procedure has fans, foes

by Adriene Hill Jun 27, 2011
No more back-to-front boarding; instead, "chaos at the gate," according to the union of flight attendants.

Goldman Sachs grows in Brazil

by Jeff Tyler Jun 27, 2011
Goldman Sachs plans major expansion in Brazil as investment banks look to emerging economies for growth.

L.A. Dodgers' troubles escalate

by Marketplace Staff Jun 27, 2011
The baseball team's owner, Frank McCourt, filed for bankruptcy protection today. It's just the latest mess for the storied sports franchise this season.

Brooks Brothers goes to school

by Marketplace Staff Jun 27, 2011
The menswear retailer will begin selling logo merchandise in its stores and on campus.

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