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The government is reopen! That means everything is great, right? Not quite. Our weekly wrappers Nela Richardson and John Carney look back at the tumultuous week and what to expect in the upcoming months from budget battles. A congressional supercommittee has been tasked with coming up with a budget plan both parties can get behind, but what makes this one different than the last supercommittee that couldn't solve the sequester? Members of Congress give their advice. Mercedes-Benz has an aging problem, will they be able to target younger car buyers? And, commuters in the Bay Area are dealing with the latest BART strike between transit worker unions and management. The U.S. director of federal mediating couldn't solve the impasse and went home. What's a federal mediator do, anyway?

What a week: Digesting the end of the shutdown

John Carney and Nela Richardson join the show to wrap up a tumultuous week in Washington.
Posted In: Congress, government shutdown 2013, Weekly Wrap

Can fracking preserve North Dakota's environment?

The fracking boom is bringing in a surge of development -- and tax revenue -- to North Dakota. Now conservationists have a plan use some of that growth to protect the environment.
Posted In: fracking, North Dakota, Oil, Environment, energy

A day in the life of a Federal mediator for the BART strike

It takes a lot of people skills and knowledge of the intricacies of labor contracts to be a Federal mediator, like those called in to try to resolve the BART strike in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Posted In: labor, mediators, BART

Mercedes-Benz looks for a younger audience

Mercedes buyers on average are several years older than those of competitors BMW and Audi.
Posted In: Mercedes Benz, youth, cars

Advice for Congress, from Congress

More than 20 Senators and seven Representatives have begun work on a compromise budget that liberals and conservatives can live with, before new sequester cuts hit in January. A supercommittee was what created the sequester impasse in the first place, what will be different this time around?
Posted In: Congress, sequester, government shutdown 2013, Supercommittee

Alabama rolls out a (tattered?) red carpet for companies

Alabama has a new campaign to lure companies and tourists to the state. But first it's asking everyone to forget what they think they know about Alabama.
Posted In: Alabama, branding, Re-branding, slogan

Miami's flooded future

Miami is one of the cities most threatened by climate change. Will it be able to adapt in time?
Posted In: climate change, Florida, flooding, king tides

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