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Marketplace for Friday, October 10, 2014

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Saudi Arabia is keeping its pumps going despite a glut of oil and falling prices. In the meantime, some U.S. companies could start shutting down rigs if prices fall much more. Plus: the market’s up; the market’s down. You can – and people have – blamed everything from Germany’s slowdown to problems in the Middle East to the weather. 

Segments From this episode

Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap: Surprise, surprise (oh wait)

by Kai Ryssdal Oct 10, 2014
The Wall Street Journal's Sudeep Reddy and Redfin's Nela Richardson joined Kai Ryssdal to talk about the week that was.
Final Note

Nielsen finds a pretty giant glitch in its ratings

by Kai Ryssdal Oct 10, 2014
The television ratings company has been reporting incorrect ratings for the past six months.

Get rich by giving up lattes? Not so fast

by Helaine Olen Oct 10, 2014
Why the money you spend on coffee is not, in fact, enough to retire on.

What could slow U.S.'s surging oil output? Low prices.

by David Weinberg Oct 10, 2014
Fracking for oil is expensive, so at some point falling prices will make some wells unprofitable.

The stock market has been, and always will be, volatile

by Sally Herships Oct 10, 2014
The market’s up; the market’s down. What’s causing all the volatility?
Learning Curve

Beyond bookshelves: Meet your public library's robots

by Marketplace Contributor Oct 10, 2014
The Westport, Ct. library has two robots that patrons can learn how to program.

How investors are profiting off a 'rentership society'

by Stan Alcorn Oct 10, 2014
The housing crisis created a slew of new landlords. Does an investor makes a good one?

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Stuntin' Like My Daddy - Street Birdman, Lil Wayne
Motion Sickness Hot Chip
Acceptable in the 80's Calvin Harris

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