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Marketplace for Friday, November 25, 2011

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How did it get so crazy out there? Couldn’t folks have planned just a little better? It’s just money, right? If you think we’re talking about Black Friday, we’re not. We’re talking about the euro. Will it soon die? Plus, did you go shopping today? We look at why retailers are rolling out deals earlier and give you a history lesson on the origins of Black Friday. Also, the truth about why we buy and the argument against being thrity.

Segments From this episode

European Debt Crisis

Is the euro's death approaching?

by Stephen Beard Nov 25, 2011
In yet another bad development in the eurozone debt crisis, Italy saw its borrowing costs skyrocket. And now a British regulator has called on U.K. banks to prepare for the possible disintegration of the euro.

The history of Black Friday

by Nancy Koehn Nov 25, 2011
Historian Nancy Koehn describes the origins of Black Friday -- before it became known as a retail bonanza.

With merger in doubt, what's next for AT&T and T-Mobile?

by John Dimsdale Nov 25, 2011
Tess Vigeland: We reported yesterday that AT&T and T-Mobile had withdrawn their merger application from the Federal Communications Commission. It seems the deal was giving antitrust regulators a little too much indigestion. The two cell-phone giants insist they’re not giving up on joining forces. But many analysts say that by pulling their application, the telecom […]

Weekly Wrap: Super committee and eurozone crisis

by Tess Vigeland Nov 25, 2011
Lizzie O'Leary from Bloomberg News and John Carney with CNBC discuss the super committee's failure, the latest on Europe's debt crisis, and whether consumers are sick about being frugal.

Retailers hope to get into your wallets sooner

by Amy Scott Nov 25, 2011
Black Friday is not just a single day anymore, and neither is Cyber Monday. Retailers are rolling out promotions earlier.

The truth about why we buy

by Tess Vigeland Nov 25, 2011
Author James Roberts discusses the motivations behind our shopping habits, and the relationship between money and happiness.
Final Note

Groupon shares drop below $20 IPO price

by Tess Vigeland Nov 25, 2011
Bad news for Groupon: Shares in the deal company are falling apart.

The argument against thrift

by Tess Vigeland Nov 25, 2011
Author James Livingston discusses why he's against thriftiness, and how more spending would benefit our economy and souls.

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