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Marketplace for Friday, November 16, 2012

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The iconic cake maker Hostess is shutting down their ovens for good. The deadline for states to create health insurance exchanges has been pushed back to December. As the fiscal cliff looms, the popular mortgage interest deduction might be on the chopping block. California could be on the verge of a surplus. Kai Ryssdal checks back in with gas-station owner Oz Elma in Pelham, N.Y., about the fuel situation there. And Queena Kim explores how bosses with bad attitudes used to be acceptable as long as they brought in big profits, but now companies are now asking that executives play nice.

Segments From this episode

Fiscal Cliff

Whither the mortgage interest tax deduction?

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer Nov 16, 2012
Tweaks to homeowner deduction -- seen as cornerstone of American Dream -- could be part of 'cliff' deal.

Can California celebrate a revenue turnaround?

by Marketplace Contributor Nov 16, 2012
California's debt is shrinking, for now, thanks to voters who approved a tax hike and a growing economy.
Weather Economy

A New York gas station is back in business

by Kai Ryssdal Nov 16, 2012
Checking back in with a gas station manager in Pelham, N.Y., after his station gets fuel.

Making sense of health care exchanges

by Dan Gorenstein Nov 16, 2012
After states decide whether to set up their own exchanges, or let the federal government do it, then comes the hard part.

Farewell Hostess, long live Twinkies

by Marketplace Contributor Nov 16, 2012
As Hostess Brands moves to close down, it seeks to sell its iconic brands like Twinkies and Wonder Bread to the highest bidder.
Fiscal Cliff

Congressional leaders meet about the fiscal cliff

by Kai Ryssdal Nov 16, 2012
The Weekly Wrap dissects today's meeting at the White House over the fiscal cliff.

Behaving badly at Apple and Microsoft

by Queena Kim Nov 16, 2012
Since when did being “difficult” become a handicap in tech?

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