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Jun 4, 2010

Marketplace for Friday, June 4, 2010


Marketplace for Friday, June 4, 2010

Segments From this episode

Jobs report: Why there isn't more hiring

Jun 4, 2010
The math on the May jobs numbers goes like this: 431,000 jobs were added to the economy last month. Subtract 411,000 -- they're temporary census workers. And what you have is a dispiriting 41,000 net new places to work for the month of May. Reporter Mitchell Hartman takes apart the numbers with Kai Ryssdal.

Europe stocks fall on Hungary, Societe

Jun 4, 2010
European stock markets fell sharply for two apparently unrelated reasons: fears about the country of Hungary, and the French bank Societe General. But the two were linked by a common and familiar thread: government debt and rumors of default. Stephen Beard reports.

W. Fargo loses fraud case, to pay $30m

Jun 4, 2010
A jury in Minnesota says Wells Fargo owes $30 million to four nonprofits who trusted the bank to look after their money. Jurors say the bank stopped looking after its clients' best interests and started looking after its own. Jeff Horwich reports.

Lawmakers want to make sure BP pays

Jun 4, 2010
Frustration over the BP oil spill is mounting -- both in the Gulf of Mexico and Washington. The worst oil spill in U.S. history has politicians scrambling to come up with more creative and dramatic punishments for BP and the oil industry. Brett Neely reports.

Weekly Wrap Audio: BP's troubles

Jun 4, 2010
The Big Money's Heidi Moore and The Atlantic's Megan McArdle talk with Kai Ryssdal about how damaging it is to BP that two major ratings agencies downgraded its creditworthiness, and whether BP can survive the oil disaster.

Small talk: Iceland, Facebook, ducks

Jun 4, 2010
Marketplace's Brendan Newnam chats with fellow staffers Paddy Hirsch, Ethan Lindsey, and Adriene Hill about under-the-radar business stories: Iceland's rehabilitation campaign, Facebook's CEO, and cleaning ducks with Dawn soap.

Food bloggers: Helpful or disruptive?

Jun 4, 2010
Say cheese! With food blogs and review sites growing in popularity, more diners are reaching for their cameras at the table. Is it generating buzz for restaurants or slowing down service and tying up tables? Sally Herships finds out.

FTC to Kellogg: Stop fake health claims

Jun 4, 2010
The Federal Trade Commission, for the second time, told Kellogg to rein it in. And to stop advertising that kids who eat Rice Krispies can boost their immunity. Gregory Warner reports.

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