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Marketplace for Friday, July 8, 2016

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Molly Wood talks with Dallas News reporter Naomi Martin about the deescalation tactics used by the city’s police force and yesterday’s Dallas sniper attack; Marketplace’s Lizzie O’Leary visits the prosperous German city to find out why these two sibling cities have such different views on the EU; and jobs report shows a strong 287,000 payroll increase in June, but how many jobs do we actually need?

Segments From this episode

A lifetime later, a smog attack's full cost is seen

by Scott Tong Jul 8, 2016
The London smog of 1952 killed thousands but gave many more lifelong health problems.
Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap: Jobs and global uncertainty

by Molly Wood Jul 8, 2016
Catherine Rampell and Felix Salmon join Molly Wood to recap the week that was.

The Property Brothers on dream homes and the housing market

by Molly Wood Jul 8, 2016
Twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott have built an empire on real estate.

A tale of two sister cities with massively different views on Brexit

by Lizzie O'Leary Jul 8, 2016
As part Lizzie O'Leary's Brexit travels, we visit the German sister city of St. Helens, an English town that voted to leave the EU.

After Dallas, a look at police training

by Molly Wood Jul 8, 2016
De-escalation strategies and community outreach are hugely important.

How we get to "full employment"

by Mitchell Hartman Jul 8, 2016
If the economy were to keep adding 287,000 jobs, month after month, most of those who have dropped out of the workforce would likely come back.

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