Jan 1, 2010

Marketplace for Friday, January 1, 2010

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Segments From this episode

Fox-Time Warner rift shows new TV biz

Jan 1, 2010
News Corp. and Time Warner Cable aren't the only ones battling over how much to charge for television subscription fees. Amy Scott reports the whole television business is changing, and everyone wants to set the rules.

Arizona sending more illegals to feds

Jan 1, 2010
Arizona has been sending illegal immigrants it's detained to federal prisons to serve the final months of their sentences, thus sticking the federal taxpayer with the bill. Now Arizona's governor is stepping up the program. Jeff Tyler reports.

Making a project to find happiness

Jan 1, 2010
Does money make people happy? Gretchen Rubin has been studying the subject and has written a book called "The Happiness Project." She talks with Bill Radke.

A layoff isn't so bad for some

Jan 1, 2010
Most stories about the newly unemployed are all about doom and gloom. But some people are riding out unemployment on severance packages and savings. Reporter Julie Rose finds that this new-found freedom can't last forever.

A family history of starting over

Jan 1, 2010
Despite signs of an economic recovery, jobs are still scarce. Increasing unemployment means more people are having to start over, like commentator Peter Basch.