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Marketplace for Friday, February 17, 2012

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Google is once again in the hot seat for its privacy practices. The federal government plans to raise money by auctioning electromagnetic space. Making claims of military bravery may land you a nice date or a better job, but commentator Scott Lyon says lying about it is damaging to real veterans. And the streets of Athens are raging in fury over the new austerity measures and reforms — but while some burn down government buildings, others express their frustration through the arts.

Segments From this episode

Congress finds funds in the airwaves

by Bob Moon Feb 17, 2012
Parts of the broadcast spectrum will be auctioned off to help cover the costs of the payroll tax cut and extended long-term unemployment benefits. Even a sliver of spectrum could bring a big chunk of cash.

Google and others track Apple users

by Kai Ryssdal Feb 17, 2012
Reporter Julia Angwin discusses her story in the Wall Street Journal detailing the tracking of Apple iPhone users.

Military impostors hurt real veterans

by Scott Lyon Feb 17, 2012
Former Marine and commentator Scott Lyon says impostors give Americans a false view of veterans.
Greek Debt Crisis

Greeks channel financial woes through song

by Stephen Beard Feb 17, 2012
As Greece faces yet another deadline to adopt more austerity measures and reforms, some Greeks have turned to satire and song to express their frustration and fury over the country's continued economic misery.
Small Talk

Small talk: New car smell, Girl Scout cookies

by Marketplace Contributor Feb 17, 2012
The news that didn't quite make the headlines. This week: Girl Scouts get high-tech, that new car smell is toxic and getting to Ecuador if you're a retiree.

Weekly Wrap: A nascent recovery

by Kai Ryssdal Feb 17, 2012
Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street and beyond. This week: the budget, a payroll tax cut deal and the stock market.

Letters: 'Our Black Year,' dirty cash, living alone

by Kai Ryssdal Feb 17, 2012
Going over listeners' responses to past broadcasts. This week: Patronizing black businesses, the filthiness of cash and the perks of living alone.

Music from the episode

Spilt Milk Dujeous
Swagger Mocean Worker
Dilettante St. Vincent
Dilettante St. Vincent

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