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Marketplace for Friday, December 21, 2012

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The NRA says that the only way to keep schools safe is to train and arm someone at every school in America — but how much would that cost? Meanwhile, Speaker John Boehner’s so-called “Plan B” to avoid the fiscal cliff failed before any votes were taken. Facebook is testing a $1 fee that allows strangers to message you. Some pediatricians say that expensive educational toys are a waste of money and may even actually be harmful. We hear about what’s being done to avoid costly medical mistakes. And Dan Bobkoff finds out why the Japanese no longer dominate in the world of electronics.

Segments From this episode

Small Talk

Small talk: A breakup museum, Apple's pinch-and-zoom, McFlurry misconduct

by Marketplace Contributor Dec 21, 2012
The Dinner Party serves up news that didn't quite make the headlines -- perfect for your dinner party conversations this weekend.

Japanese electronic brands lose luster

by Dan Bobkoff Dec 21, 2012
How many Sony, Panasonic or Sharp gadgets did you buy this year? Japan’s electronics giants have lost their competitiveness -- and perhaps creativity.
Guns and dollars

NRA calls for armed guards in every school

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer Dec 21, 2012
The executive director of the National Rifle Association proposes having "good guys with guns" protect school children from "bad guys with guns."
Fiscal Cliff

What happens when the poor fall over the fiscal cliff?

by Marketplace Contributor Dec 21, 2012
If the government fails to agree on a budget, what, if anything, can poor people do to weather the automatic spending cuts that will kick in after the nation plunges off the fiscal cliff?

On Facebook, you're for sale

by David Weinberg Dec 21, 2012
Now that it's publicly owned, Facebook needs to generate revenue, so it's looking for more ways to monetize its users.

Surgeons make thousands of serious errors each year

by Sarah Gardner Dec 21, 2012
The "never events," like leaving a sponge behind in a patient, or receiving the wrong operation, happen 80 times a week in hospitals nationwide, according to a new study.
Weekly Wrap

After Plan B, what's next for the fiscal cliff

by Sarah Gardner Dec 21, 2012
The Weekly Wrap talks about what can happen now that Speaker John Boehner's Plan B has failed.

Educators question 'educational' kids' DVDs

by Jeff Tyler Dec 21, 2012
Fancy educational toys don't give rich kids an advantage over poor kids when it comes to brain development.

Top 10 kids' education apps that don't suck

by Jeff Tyler Dec 21, 2012
Common Sense Media reviews educational apps for kids and shared these 10 recommendations.

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