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Dec 26, 2008

Marketplace for Friday, Dec. 26, 2008

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Musicals' new tune: The villain banker

Dec 26, 2008
The Brits have a year-end tradition of musical shows called pantomimes, or pantos for short. They feature heroes and villains. This year there's a more contemporary scoundrel -- the financial miscreant. Stephen Beard reports.

Prices fall, if inventory has to move

Dec 26, 2008
Retailers across the nation are cutting prices to drive sales and make up for their run of bad luck this holiday season -- if they've got to get their current inventory out of their stores. Jeremy Hobson reports.

Small bank gets in on the bailout

Dec 26, 2008
Among the more than 200 banks taking federal bailout money is Saigon National Bank in Orange County, Calif. It got a relatively paltry $1.2 million. But why? Rob Schmitz reports.

Weekly Wrap: What's ahead in 2009?

Dec 26, 2008
When it comes to the economy in 2009, there's more we can't anticipate than we can. Kai Ryssdal tries a bit of looking into the future with Michael Mandel of Business Week and political scientist Dan Drezner of Tufts University.

It's time to ask what Pigou would do

Dec 26, 2008
Much of the financial crisis talk has included references to economist John Maynard Keynes, who called for government intervention to boost troubled economies. But commentator Todd Buchholz says Keynes' teacher might be the one with the answers.

Wall Street 2008: Dead or humbled?

Dec 26, 2008
Marketplace's New York Bureau Chief Amy Scott takes a look back with Kai Ryssdal at Wall Street's rough year in 2008 and the changes it may bring about.

Amid retail slump, Amazon's flying high

Dec 26, 2008
The top online retailer says it's had its best holiday shopping season. How was Amazon able to buck the trend of one of the worst holiday retail periods ever? Steve Henn reports.

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