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Marketplace for Friday August 8, 2014

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People with lots of unpaid medical bills could be getting a break on their credit scores. Fair Isaac Corp. says it is changing its FICO calculations to lessen the impact of medical debt that is already in collection. Median scores could rise by as much as 25 percent. We look into why they treat medical debt differently. Plus, the London-based system for setting the price of silver is getting scrapped next week for a new electronic-based method. How will this affect the price-setting mechanism for gold, the Gold Fix? 

Segments From this episode

Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap: Blame geopolitics

by Kai Ryssdal Aug 8, 2014
A conversation about the week that was.

ISIS gains control of key infrastructure in Iraq

by Kai Ryssdal Aug 8, 2014
ISIS militants now have control of the country's largest dam.

Who has better online privacy? The U.S. or EU?

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer Aug 8, 2014
The EU approach to privacy is like a blanket. In the U.S., it's a patchwork quilt.

In online dating, one company is the big matchmaker

by Dan Bobkoff Aug 8, 2014
IAC/InterActiveCorp owns, OkCupid, Tinder,HowAboutWe and more.

Fixing the fix: Price-setting precious metals in London

by Stephen Beard Aug 8, 2014
After a series of benchmark rigging scandals, London's gold fix looks tarnished.
Final Note

Here's a... uh... final note for... uh... today

by Kai Ryssdal Aug 8, 2014
Turns out men say "uh" more as they get older, and women say "um" less.

Why medical debt is different from other debt

by Dan Gorenstein Aug 8, 2014
New FICO score calculations will lessen the impact of unpaid medical bills.

Music from the episode

I Witness Dujeous, Immortal Technique
I Witness Dujeous, Immortal Technique
Funeral for a Killer 9th Wonder & Murs
Funeral for a Killer 9th Wonder & Murs
Lying in the Reeds Lone
Lying in the Reeds Lone

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