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The 200-square-mile Rim Fire peels back the layers of the Sierra Nevadas’ economic ecology as the fire impacts timber sales, a tourist sector that ranges from camps and cottages to backpackers, and federal management of a huge area for the public’s benefit. A company called AdTrap is selling a white box about the size of a computer router, that, connected to your devices via WiFi (computers, tablets, smartphones) can block any ads. And finally, we look back at the week that was on Wall Street with the Weekly Wrap.

Economic life inside a Syrian refugee camp

A Syrian refugee camp in Jordan is now the second-largest refugee camp in the world.
Posted In: syria

Obama's new labor secretary wants to work with colleges

Labor Secretary Tom Perez explains how he hopes to push unemployment down and economic growth up.
Posted In: skills gap, infrastructure, Labor Department

GE swears off credit cards

General Electric is making plans to sell off its retail lending business, including store credit cards.
Posted In: General Electric, GE, Credit card

Is Wall Street focused on Syria ... or Labor Day?

Wall Street's had its worst month since May 2012.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap

New school Silicon Beach meets old school Hollywood

With Netflix reporting first quarter revenue of over $1 billion, others are seeing profit in original storytelling. And major tech companies are setting up production studios all over L.A.
Posted In: Silicon Beach, Tech, hollywood, YouTube

Blocking TV ads: The new Whack-a-Mole?

A wireless Internet-connected device that can block any TV ads -- will it change television?
Posted In: TV ads, online advertising

Yosemite fire burns a mountain region's economy

The 200-square-mile Rim Fire peels back the layers of the Sierra Nevadas’ economic ecology.
Posted In: fire, wildfires

Latest inflation victim: Tooth Fairy

Kids these days are getting more than $3 a tooth from the Tooth Fairy.
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