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Marketplace for Friday, August 3, 2012

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The monthly jobs numbers are out and they show we’re doing the same amount of work but with a much smaller workforce. Tess Vigeland talks to Michael Kocher from the International Rescue Committee about where all the thousands of Syrian refugees are fleeing. The drought is still parching parts of the country, and with a government relief package, taxpayers may end up paying for the major losses in crops.  Clothing designer Lacoste just hit a milestone: 10 million likes on Facebook. And we say hello to Silicon Valley’s summer camp for techies.

Segments From this episode

Are you for or against air conditioning?

by Tess Vigeland Aug 3, 2012
Listeners told us their passionate opinions on air conditioning.

Weekly Wrap: July's unemployment report

by Tess Vigeland Aug 3, 2012
Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street and beyond. This week: Optimism with the July jobs report?

Crop failed? There's insurance for that

by Adriene Hill Aug 3, 2012
Even in severe drought, farmers who grow commodity crops such as corn and soybeans are significantly protected by insurance they buy from private insurers. The ultimate insurer in a disastrous year? Taxpayers.

Syrian refugees face financial uncertainty

by Tess Vigeland Aug 3, 2012
Thousands of Syrian refugees continue to flood border communities in Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan. Both government and non-government aid organizations are scrambling to accommodate them.

The economy makes do with five million fewer jobs

by Mitchell Hartman Aug 3, 2012
The nation's output of goods and services is back to the level it was before the recession began in 2007. But five million fewer people are working. Who got left out of the economy?

Summer camp for young techies

by Queena Kim Aug 3, 2012
Throw another app on the campfire. Kids are crowding into computer camps hoping to be the next Steve Jobs.

The price of 10 million Facebook 'likes'

by Marketplace Contributor Aug 3, 2012
Companies spend dearly to get consumers to "like" them on Facebook, hoping that the promotions and freebies will pay off with greater business.
Small Talk

Small talk: Kickstarter consultants, counterfeit bills

by Marketplace Contributor Aug 3, 2012
The news that didn't quite make the headlines. This week: Missile Defense staff warned to stop surfing porn sites, an entire industry of consultants to help you raise money on Kickstarter, and counterfeit $100 bills in Arizona.

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