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Apple's iTunes turns 10 this weekend. We're saying happy birthday with a look back at the digital music monster. Plus, kids these days: We're paying about $1,100 for prom on average, and poorer families are paying more. Should we really look down on folks who spend more on big life events? On a bigger picture, there was a 2.5 percent increase in GDP, but no one seems happy about it. We look at why that number isn't actually all that bad.

Sunflowers, pocket parks and other ideas aim to beautify vacant lots

The Washington University Sustainable Land Lab Competition's goal? To find something creative to do with all the vacant lots in the country.
Posted In: urban planning, parking lot

Barge lines not fazed by high waters on the Mississippi River

For one barge line operator, the high waters of the Mississippi mean business as usual (though with a more watchful eye).
Posted In: Mississippi River, flood

First quarter GDP report disappoints

The GDP growth of 2.5 percent falls short of what economists had predicted. But does that mean bad news for the economy?
Posted In: Weekly Wrap, GDP

In Canada, building a Punjabi audience for hockey

There aren't words for "slapshot" or "puck" in Punjabi, but Hockey Night in Canada is drawing some of the country's 1.1 million speakers in with a Punjabi language broadcast.
Posted In: Canada, Sports, hockey, Punjabi

Why there's nothing wrong with a 2.5 percent increase in GDP

With all the dysfunction in government and economies, why should a 2.5 percent increase in GDP sound bad?
Posted In: Gross Domestic Product (GDP), GDP

How much is too much spending on big life events?

A Visa study finds that prom costs about $1,100 -- but kids from families with incomes under $50,000, and kids with single parents, spend more on prom. Turns out there’s a long tradition of chastising the poor for spending “too much” on big life events.
Posted In: prom, wedding, consumer spending

The sound of music: iTunes store turns 10

In just a decade, Apple's music-buying service has redefined the music industry and the way we listen.
Posted In: itunes, apple, ipod, Music

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