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Shareholders are mad that Amazon is putting its customers first, and CEO Jeff Bezos is running the company like a charity, citing marginal profits. In jobs news, drug company Eli Lilly is cutting jobs again. What does that have to do with tougher limits on sales practices? Other things we're wondering today: Are North Korea's threats real? The U.S. is alarms, but North Korea's neighbors aren't. 

Germans wary of Greeks bearing... reparations demands

Greeks fed up with their country's economic woes see a quick fix -- Germany stumping up more than $200 billion in further reparations for World War II aggression. Germans are unimpressed.
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North Korea threatens; neighbors remain calm

Threats by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to launch missiles and beef up his country's nuclear weapons capacity have left the economies of North Korea's regional neighbors largely unaffected, as our BBC partners report.
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DNA sequencing celebrates its first decade

The anniversary brings with it a new and lucrative era of personalized medicine.
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The budget and the Bitcoin

Analyzing the week's news on Wall Street and beyond.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap

Does Amazon favor customers at the expense of shareholders?

Some Amazon critics say the company’s razor-thin quarterly profits -- if there are any at all -- are evidence that CEO Jeff Bezos is running the company like a “charity” for the benefit of customers at the expense of shareholders.
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What Eli Lilly's job cuts mean for the future of sales jobs

Eli Lilly is reducing its U.S. sales force, reportedly by 30 percent. How have digital and other advertising practices changed the nature of sales?
Posted In: Jobs, Eli Lilly, job cuts

BBC to play anti-Thatcher 'Ding Dong' song in countdown

The "Wizard of Oz" song "Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead" has been adopted by anti-Margaret Thatcherites, who urged people in the U.K. to buy the song this week after Thatcher died.
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