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Marketplace for August 5, 2011

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Marketplace for August 5, 2011

Segments From this episode

Summer Reading Book Series

Summer Reading: Mia Bauer

by Marketplace Staff Aug 5, 2011
A turn-of the-century novel about New York turns into a feast of detail and inspiration for a modern day baker.

Hiring picks up a bit in July

by Mitchell Hartman Aug 5, 2011
But can it last given the economy now?

Short-term swings create long-term problems

by Stacey Vanek Smith Aug 5, 2011
The volatility in the stock markets isn't just spooking traders. It's making employers think twice about hiring, consumers think twice about spending, and affecting our entire economic outlook.

Building better cities 24 hours at a time

by Wendy Siegle Aug 5, 2011
The Better Block Project aims to change perceptions of city neighborhoods with 24-hour civic strike teams

The beer packaging debate: Bottle vs. can

by LaToya Dennis Aug 5, 2011
Many beer drinkers automatically think beer in a bottle tastes better than in a can. But is that true?
Debt Downgrade

Standard & Poor's officially downgrades U.S. debt

by Marketplace Staff Aug 5, 2011
S&P has announced that the United States has lost its AAA rating. How will this impact the global economy?

U.S. is back to renting

by Amy Scott Aug 5, 2011
New numbers from the Census Bureau and Morgan Stanley show home ownership rates have fallen dramatically

Eurozone crisis still in turmoil

by Stephen Beard Aug 5, 2011
There seems no end in sight for the debt crisis that has dogged Europe for more than a year and a half, and which helped spark this week's turmoil in financial markets

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Spilt Milk Dujeous
Westworld Japancakes

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