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Marketplace for April 25, 2011

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Marketplace for April 25, 2011

Segments From this episode

Kimberly-Clark takes hit on Huggies

by Jennifer Collins Apr 25, 2011
The consumer goods giant reported a steep drop in profits last quarter because of rising costs. Diapers suffer a double inflationary whammy.

Federal Reserve likely to end bond-buying spree

by Heidi Moore Apr 25, 2011
The Fed is likely to signal a shift from its easy-money policies. What could that mean for mortgage rates, share prices and the economic recovery?

White House considers sanctions on Syria

by John Dimsdale Apr 25, 2011
Syria continues its brutal crackdown. But we don't have much leverage over that Middle Eastern country, so perhaps the White House is more bark than bite.

Looking to President Coolidge for budgetary perspective

by Amity Shlaes Apr 25, 2011
He's the not the first president that comes to mind as an economic pioneer. But Calvin Coolidge is worth a second look.

Refugee crisis hits Europe

by Stephen Beard Apr 25, 2011
Some 25,000 Tunisians have landed in Italy since the fall of the country's government. But their arrival has sparked a debate in Europe.

Gas just keeps getting more and more expensive!

by Marketplace Staff Apr 25, 2011
The "Nice Kitchen" comedy group of the Upright Citizens Brigade imagines a not-too-distant future where gas prices rise rapidly.
Local Budgets

Boston tries asking nicely for more taxes

by Amy Scott Apr 25, 2011
The city is asking tax-exempt institutions like universities and hospitals to voluntarily pay more property taxes. Please.

Not enough people dive into high-risk pools

by Gregory Warner Apr 25, 2011
The insurance exchanges for people with preexisting conditions aren't living up to expectations. And politics plays a part.

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