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Marketplace for April 12, 2011

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Marketplace for April 12, 2011

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Budget filled with sleight-of-hand accounting

by John Dimsdale Apr 12, 2011
This year's $38.5 billion budget contains some cuts that were easy to make: earmarks that were never wanted and never funded.

Natural gas might not be what it's fracked up to be

by Eve Troeh Apr 12, 2011
A study out this week says the carbon footprint of clean-burning natural gas is bigger than coal's because extracting gas releases methane.
Economy 4.0

George Soros: What if the world isn't worth saving?

by David Brancaccio Apr 12, 2011
In historic Bretton Woods, N.H., the world's financial rock stars gathered once again to save the world. Only this time, they wonder if it's all worth it.

Companies raise money at a blistering pace

by Heidi Moore Apr 12, 2011
Companies raised $12 billion in share issues, plus billions more bonds, in the first three months of 2011. Will their riches bring more U.S. jobs?

Cuts on farm subsidies could be major for European agriculture

by Christopher Werth Apr 12, 2011
European farmers rely greatly on government subsidies, but some EU countries are looking to get that help decreased.

A changing world and a changing World Bank

by Marketplace Staff Apr 12, 2011
World Bank President Robert Zoellick discusses the international financial institution's new agenda to "lean forward" amid the revolution occurring in the Middle East.
Shelf Life

The economic and emotional reasons to have more kids

by Marketplace Staff Apr 12, 2011
Bryan Caplan, author of "Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids," explains how parenting can be easier and more fun than you think.

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