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Mar 4, 2009


Segments From this episode

Who gets help from the mortgage plan?

Mar 4, 2009
The Treasury Department released more details about its mortgage restructuring plan for 9 million homeowners. What does the plan include and who gets the help? Steve Henn reports.

Will China's stimulus lift world markets?

Mar 4, 2009
Reports say that China may announce a new stimulus package soon. What will it look like and how might it impact the U.S. and world markets? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Stimulus good in theory, not practice

Mar 4, 2009
The White House is banking on government spending to stimulate economic activity. Commentator David Frum says even if the plan might be good on paper, the execution is the problem.

Recession leads to a clothing change

Mar 4, 2009
Recession dressing? Sounds more like a cheap way to top a salad than a clothing-design movement. Kai Ryssdal speaks with fashion editor Kate Betts about how you might have to work a little harder to look good during the downturn.

Boardwalk wood does forest no good

Mar 4, 2009
Renovations to a New Jersey town's boardwalk are having ramifications on the rainforests in Brazil. Joe Rose reports on the controversy over U.S. beach towns using Brazilian hardwood.

Who's hit the worst by the recession?

Mar 4, 2009
New York Times columnist David Leonhardt talks with Kai Ryssdal about who's getting hit the hardest by job losses and why.

Program helps stabilize neighborhoods

Mar 4, 2009
Thousands of foreclosed properties are sitting on the market and driving home values down. But one federal program is aimed at helping people who don't own homes buy foreclosed properties to get them off the market. Tamara Keith reports.

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