Marketplace for 7/23/13 - Yo quiero kids meal

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The Senate Banking Committee is holding a hearing on bank investments in things like warehouses and oil refineries, and commodities such as metals and oil. Banks have jumped head first into the commodities markets. And more interestingly, news of a company divesting in a market. Taco Bell is getting rid of its kid's meals. The fast food chain says packaged meals for kids don't make enough money.

'Lone Ranger' is just one of summer's busts

After a summer of lackluster box office receipts, could Hollywood begin to find fault in blockbusters?
Posted In: film, summer, Entertainment

Why some things go viral, and some don't

Surgeon and writer Atul Gawande explains why some life-saving innovations don't always catch on right away.
Posted In: innovation

It's all in a cycling team name

To attract the interest of more casual viewers, the business of cycling may have to change -- specifically the way cycling teams are named and are able to engage with fans.
Posted In: tour de france, cycling, Sports, sponsorship

Univision dumps El Piolin

Spanish-language media was rocked by news that Univision cancelled its popular radio show "El Piolin por la Manana."
Posted In: radio, media

Why your bank might own an oil tanker

Banks are coming under scrutiny for doing business outside of banking, like owning metal warehouses and power plants. The Senate Banking Committee and federal regulators are looking into whether big banks are profiting at the consumer's expense.
Posted In: Wall Street, aluminum

Parents paying less for college: Good news?

A new study finds that the rising cost of higher education is shifting costs as families spend less freely.
Posted In: colleges, Tuition, college

Taco Bell menu grows up

No more kids' meals at Taco Bell, as fast food chain targets a different audience.
Posted In: Taco Bell, fast food

NSA email search has limits, it turns out

"There's no central method to search an email at this time with the way our records are set up, unfortunately."
Posted In: NSA leaks, nsa

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