Marketplace for 7/17/2013 - Are bank profits a good thing?

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Fed chairman Ben Bernanke is visiting Capitol Hill to explain to Congress the nation's monetary policy and the Fed's outlook on reducing economic stimulus. Wall Street is watching closely. But the financial world is also paying attention to bank earnings: Bank of America is the latest major U.S. bank to report good news on that front. But for the rest of us, do bank earnings mean anything for our well-being? Also, Google is reportedly in talks to stream TV channels over the internet. The future of TV may just be, simply, the internet.

Rolling Stone's Boston bomber cover prompts backlash

The magazine's decision to put the Boston Marathon bombing suspect on its cover has sparked rebukes from retail outlets and government officials.
Posted In: boston marathon, publishing, magazines

Outlet invasion: Upscale stores head downmarket

Traditionally upscale chains, like Saks and Nordstrom, now have the majority of their stores in outlet malls.
Posted In: outlet malls, Nordstrom, shopping

Freakonomics Radio: Gov't workers gone wild

The "Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure" catalogs the fiscal, sexual, and mental lapses of federal workers -- all with an eye toward preventing the next big mistake.
Posted In: defense department, Pentagon, DEA

Breaking the cycle of public housing

Housing authorities across the country are searching for ways to transition people out of public housing.
Posted In: public housing, Wisconsin

'Genies' head to Salt Lake City to grow family tree

Salt Lake City has become the genealogical capital of the world, and it's all because of Mormonism.
Posted In: genealogy, mormonism, Utah

Behold, the future of TV: The Internet

Is it really such a surprise that Google and Apple are exploring television-over-the-Internet?
Posted In: Google, apple, tv, Comcast, Time Warner Cable
Proper care for certain patients could save $300 billion annually, says consulting firm Oliver Wyman.

Why many states won’t see N.Y.-sized savings under Obamacare

Health insurance premiums for individuals in New York will fall by 50 percent next year, according to the state. But New York isn't Alabama or Texas or anywhere else, for that matter.
Posted In: Obamacare, health insurance, Andrew Cuomo

Bank of America profits and America's banks

Bank of America is the latest major U.S. bank to report strong profit growth. But does the mean the economy is healing?
Posted In: Banks, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Wall Street

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