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Sep 5, 2007

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Credit crisis is 'far from over'

Sep 5, 2007
Investors clearly have a ways to go before they'll be feeling better, based on the latest economic reports. Today, a Bush administration official warned they could be waiting a long time. Bob Moon reports.

Mattel's prospects not so swell

Sep 5, 2007
When we heard about the latest Mattel recall of 800,000 imported Chinese toys, we asked some consumers to tell us their reactions. Their responses could be Mattel CEO Bob Eckert's worst nighmare.

Sticker shock in the bread aisle

Sep 5, 2007
Wheat prices have hit a record high. The immediate reason is bad weather in western Europe, Australia and parts of the U.S. But John Dimsdale reports there are long-term trends that will keep wheat expensive for a while.

One problem we can't spend away

Sep 6, 2007
The subprime mortgage crisis is exposing the fact that American consumers have very little money in their pockets. And commentator Robert Reich says that realization could lead the nation right into recession.

Vatican raises the rent

Sep 6, 2007
Beyond St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican owns a lot of pricey real estate in Rome. Many of its tenants had come to believe they were protected from rising rents. But, as Megan Williams reports, their faith was misplaced.

Finding big meaning in small trends

Sep 6, 2007
In 1996, pollster Mark Penn highlighted what he thought was an important Democratic constituency: soccer moms. Now, he's got a new book out. He tells Kai Ryssdal of a new trend -- young people minding their knitting.

A new mix for classroom diversity

Sep 6, 2007
In North Carolina, some supporters of traditional affirmative action now see a different way of creating diverse student bodies. Dave DeWitt reports.

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