The machines know when to hold ’em, and when to fold ’em
Jul 15, 2019

The machines know when to hold ’em, and when to fold ’em

Professionals keep losing to Pluribus, an AI poker player that's learned a new strategy for a bot: bluffing. Plus: Prime Day and a new strategy to fight the affordable housing crisis.

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Businesses face lawsuits over website accessibility

Jul 15, 2019
One Philadelphia-based company has decided to step in and prevent those suits.
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Why lots of influencers and websites want to help you shop Amazon’s Prime Day

Jul 15, 2019
News outlets, bloggers and influencers can earn commissions of 3% to 7%.
Amazon Prime packages ready to ship.
Leon Neal/Getty Images

Why the "creative class" is moving away from coastal, metropolitan cities

Jul 15, 2019
Richard Florida wrote about why more "creative class" workers are moving away from coastal, metropolitan cities.
A view of Salt Lake City, Utah, which is one of the places the "creative class" is moving to.
Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Why U.S. cities are making sweeping changes to residential zoning laws

Jul 15, 2019
New York Times reporter Emily Badger says several cities are scrutinizing zoning laws that anything other than single-family homes.
A view of San Francisco's Victorian houses as seen in 2014.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Slowing growth in China a concern to global companies

Jul 15, 2019
Global automakers, to take one example, are finding the downward trend concerning.
Boxes of photoelectric board products are cased at the Tianwei Yingli Green Energy Resources plant in Baoding, China.
Feng Li/Getty Images

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