Lone Star stock exchange
Jun 5, 2024

Lone Star stock exchange

A new stock exchange is coming to Dallas. Plus, what the heck does "seasonally adjusted" mean?

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How the paper "wealth effect" influences real-life spending

Jun 5, 2024
Consumers enjoying a buoyant stock market and high house prices may feel inclined to spend more, but how much more is uncertain.
Paper wealth pumps you up, according to the wealth effect. If you feel good financially, you'll spend more, regardless of how much actual money you have.
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Does Texas need its own stock exchange?

Jun 5, 2024
It’s not so much about Texas, but getting away from the growing list of NYSE and Nasdaq rules imposed in recent years, one expert says.
The planned Texas Stock Exchange is backed by heavy-hitter investors including BlackRock and Citadel Securities.
Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

What does the Phillips curve tell us about the economy?

Jun 5, 2024
The Phillips Curve says that low unemployment is linked to high inflation. But history shows that the economy doesn't always work that way.
Economist A.W. Phillips came up with what’s known as “the Phillips curve” in 1958. It says that low unemployment is linked to high inflation.
Orbon Alija via Getty Images

Coworking spaces are trying to put a new lease on the WeWork business model

Jun 5, 2024
A former church. A motorcycle repair garage. Some coworking space companies are eschewing the WeWork business model and are opting for a more local approach.
Forming positive connections with coworkers is important, but can be much harder to do in the era of remote work.
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

What does “seasonally adjusted” mean, anyway?

Jun 5, 2024
It’s one of those terms we hear attached to economic data all the time. But what is seasonal adjustment and how is it done?
It could appear that there's a recession each January because of the drop in seasonal workers, like mall Santas, after the holidays. Hence the importance of seasonally adjusting data.
Jon Cherry/Getty Images

Nanobubbles help this lakeside cope with toxic algae — and the changing climate

Jun 5, 2024
As climate change warms water, algae is killing fish and plants in U.S. lakes, including California's Lake Elsinore. New tech could save them.
After a new investment and a wet winter, Lake Elsinore is the bluest and cleanest it’s been in years.
Caleigh Wells/Marketplace

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