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Life on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic
Aug 26, 2020

Life on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic

Plus: The latest durable goods numbers, the economic impact of storm evacuations and a conversation with a Black banker.

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Is the economy in a V-shaped recovery?

Aug 26, 2020
Strong sales of big-ticket items like cars and business machinery are a positive sign, but they're just one part of a much bigger equation.
A car salesman talks to customers at a New York dealership in June. Durable goods orders rose in July, led by a surge in demand for cars.
Al Bello/Getty Images

People need basic resources to evacuate safely from disaster zones

Aug 26, 2020
As people in the U.S. flee wildfires and a hurricane, they may need a car, tank of gas, enough money for a hotel room or place to stay where they can socially distance.
A resident runs into a home to save a dog while flames from the Hennessey fire get closer in Napa, California, on Aug. 18.
Josh Edelson/AFP via Getty Images

Apple season waits for no pandemic on a Washington farm

Aug 26, 2020
"Every year throws a new challenge at us," says Patrick Smith of Loftus Ranches, who is 10 days in to his harvest
Apple farmers have a lot on their hands.
Tatiana Domarieva. iStock/Getty Images Plus

A day in the life of Dr. Alex Greninger, coronavirus test lab manager

Aug 26, 2020
Among his challenges are acquiring the right tools, performing enough tests and learning as much as possible about the global health threat.
A researcher at work in a COVID-19 testing lab. The process requires the contributions of countless professionals behind the scenes.
Kena Betancur/Getty Images

A look ahead to Fed Chair Jerome Powell's speech tomorrow

We hear from Tim Duy, economist at the University of Oregon, about what Powell’s speech, slated for Thursday, will mean for the economic recovery.

The credit union that aims to be a "lifeboat" in times of crises

Aug 26, 2020
Bill Bynum says Hope Credit Union is his ministry, giving predominantly Black communities a place to bank.
Bill Bynum
Courtesy of Hope Credit Union

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