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A dollar bill with George Washington's face is seen covered with Bitcoin sunglasses.

HONG KONG, CHINA - FEBRUARY 15: Pedestrians walk past a display of cryptocurrency Bitcoin on February 15, 2022 in Hong Kong, China. Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity worldwide as investors seek to diversify into the new asset class despite wild swings in the valuations of assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum in the first weeks of the year. Buying and selling crypto is becoming common in many places, like Hong Kong, where regulators have so far avoided using a heavy hand to manage crypto platforms. (Photo by Anthony Kwan/Getty Images) Anthony Kwan/Getty Images

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The Weekly Wrap

Today, we hear from the New York Times’ Jeanna Smialek and Politico’s Sudeep Reddy about the February jobs report, the future of energy sanctions on Russia and more of this week's weekly news.

Pressure to stop buying Russian energy builds

by Amy Scott Mar 4, 2022
Europe and the U.S. have not ruled out bans on oil and gas purchases. For some countries, ending imports would be harder than for others.

UK accused of dragging its feet over sanctions on Russian oligarchs and of failing to clean up the “London laundromat”

by Stephen Beard Mar 4, 2022
Despite billions' worth of assets in London owned by Russian oligarchs, only a handful have been formally sanctioned by the U.K.
Cryptocurrency mining and the environment

How bitcoin mining works

by Matt Levin Mar 4, 2022
Ingredients: Tens of thousands of powerful computers, enough energy to power all of Poland. Yield: More than $30 million in newly minted bitcoin every day.

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