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The knowns and unknowns after Election Day

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Californians cast their votes inside the historic Hollywood Pantages Theatre on Nov. 3 in Los Angeles.

Californians cast their votes inside the historic Hollywood Pantages Theatre on Nov. 3 in Los Angeles. David McNew/Getty Images

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With a divided government likely, chances of a big economic relief plan wane

by Scott Tong Nov 4, 2020
As the pandemic continues, it may fall to the Federal Reserve to find more ways to boost the economy.
Elections 2020

And the winner is ... Yep, economists have models for every outcome

by Sabri Ben-Achour Nov 4, 2020
When variables include who will be president and who controls Congress, GDP and unemployment forecasts look very different.
COVID & Unemployment

Jobless Americans struggle to get and keep benefits

by Mitchell Hartman Nov 4, 2020
More than seven months into the pandemic, more people are filing for unemployment benefits every week than at any point in the Great Recession.
Elections 2020

California voters to decide measure that could spur home sales

by Amy Scott Nov 4, 2020
Proposition 19 would remove a disincentive to sell property. But a decline in moving is squeezing the housing supply all over the country.
Elections 2020

California ballot measure keeps "gig" in gig economy

by Meghan McCarty Carino Nov 4, 2020
Prop 22 bypasses a state law that would have reshaped the gig economy.
Elections 2020

Florida voters approve $15-an-hour minimum wage

by Andy Uhler Nov 4, 2020
Hourly wages for some 2.5 million workers in the state will rise to $10 next year, then a dollar a year through 2026.

There's a new quarantine palette for painting houses

by Kai Ryssdal and Andie Corban Nov 4, 2020
Journalist Kyle Chayka says the anxiety of this moment has people painting their walls soothing blues and greens.

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