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Just how likely is a “soft landing”?
Apr 27, 2022

Just how likely is a “soft landing”?

When it comes to raising interest rates without spurring recession, the Federal Reserve doesn't have a great track record. Plus: Teachers grapple with rising prices and small businesses think twice about new loans.

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Russia cuts off gas exports to Poland and Bulgaria

Apr 27, 2022
The economic showdown between Russia and the EU enters a new phase
Russia's energy giant Gazprom exports gas to Poland and Bulgaria. As of today, the two countries are completely cut off.
Nikolay Doychinov/AFP via Getty Images

Can the Fed lower inflation without getting the economy into a recession?

"A look at the record shows that the Fed often stumbles in its efforts to save the day," says Ben White, chief economic correspondent at Politico.
Recessions have followed many of the Federal Reserve's past interest rate hikes.
Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Inflation hits teachers hard

Apr 27, 2022
Their salaries, most negotiated for years at a time, haven't kept up with sharply rising prices.
Many educators are feeling squeezed by inflation, which is upping the cost of classroom supplies and other expenses.
Jon Cherry/Getty Images
While a 401(k) that includes cryptocurrency may pique the interest of younger investors, the volatility of bitcoin worries some financial advisors.
Marco Bello/Getty Images

Rolling back degree requirements expands the pipeline for tech

Apr 27, 2022
Hiring based on skills rather than degrees is more labor intensive.
While many tech companies say they’re loosening up on degree requirements, a Harvard analysis found some big tech firms demanded degrees for more than 70% of jobs.
Dean Mitchell/Getty Images

Banks are pushing more business loans. Some business owners aren’t sure they want them.

Apr 27, 2022
In the words of one business owner: "Why would I want to go into any type of expansion?"
Though commercial lending is starting to pick back up, some small businesses still have cash on hand from government relief programs.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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