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Job market recovery continues apace
Apr 1, 2022

Job market recovery continues apace

At the current rate, the economy could return to pre-pandemic employment levels by the end of the year.

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The Weekly Wrap

This week, Marketplace host Amy Scott speaks with Bloomberg’s Jordyn Holman and ADP’s Nela Richardson about the jobs report, retail and consumer expectations.

The job market continues to roar back. How long can the recovery keep going?

Apr 1, 2022
At the current rate of job creation, the economy will return to pre-pandemic employment levels this year.
Payrolls increased by 431,000 jobs in March, and the unemployment rate is almost as low as its pre-pandemic level.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Inflation expectations are causing this toy store owner to stock up

Apr 1, 2022
Irene Kesselman, owner of Ali Cat Toys, said her store's inventory is high leading up to Easter — partly because she wants to avoid future inflation.
"We have everything from plush Easter bunnies to Easter chocolate," said toy store owner Irene Kesselman. "As well as other things that are non-Easter that will go into a basket, like bath bombs and pencils and that kind of thing."
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Professional and business services hiring is well above pre-pandemic levels

Apr 1, 2022
One factor that may have contributed to this growth? Jobs in accounting, IT, consulting and similar roles can still be done remotely.
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California's wildfire building codes make newer homes less likely to burn

Apr 1, 2022
But up to 14 million homes were built before fire safety measures took effect. Some insurers now offer discounts for risk reduction.
Jim and Ann Pesout's house in Northern California before it burned down in the Butte Fire in 2015.
Courtesy Jim and Ann Pesout

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