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It’s a hot job market, but not for everyone
Feb 3, 2022

It’s a hot job market, but not for everyone

Also on today's episode: We check on Texas and its power grid as a cold front moves in and hear from a Kentucky student who's balancing work, school and extracurriculars.

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Increased costs for small businesses have many mulling 2022 price hikes

Feb 3, 2022
Raw material and shipping expenses have shot up. But price hikes aren't the only way business owners can cover their costs.
Companies big and small are struggling with how best to battle inflation — whether that means passing it on to customers or absorbing the costs.
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

As a cold front moves in, Texas residents hope there's no repeat of last year's blackouts

Feb 3, 2022
Despite efforts to strengthen the electric grid, Gov. Greg Abbott has said there's no guarantee that the power will stay on.
Snow blanketed Irving, Texas, on Thursday. The storm is reminding Texans of the deep freeze and grid failures that afflicted the state around this time last year.
John Moore/Getty Images
Despite near-record high job openings, workers of color or those without higher education are still at a disadvantage in the job market.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

How a Kentucky teen is balancing work and her first year of college

Feb 3, 2022
Aneesha Edwards has a full tuition scholarship but still expects to take on about $10,000 of debt every year she's in school.
Aneesha Edwards, a college student, also makes time to work at a pharmacy. With so many Americans quitting their jobs, she feels workers, in many cases, deserve better treatment.
Courtesy Aneesha Edwards

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