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Inflation may have already peaked
Jan 12, 2022

Inflation may have already peaked

On today's show we do the numbers. Plus, we visit new nuclear plants, contemplate career pivots and trace the debate over alimony 

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Inflation is high, but has it peaked?

Jan 12, 2022
Inflation is high but decelerating. So when will it decelerate to something normal?
Though there are hints that inflation may be near its peak, economists debate how long factors that influence it — like the labor shortage — could persist.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Are wages outpacing inflation? Depends on what you do.

Jan 12, 2022
Real average hourly pay increased 0.1% in December. Generally, wages are beating inflation, but some industries are lagging.
While pay in leisure and hospitality is increasing faster than prices, sectors like construction and manufacturing are lagging behind.
Paul J. Richards/AFP via Getty Images

Oil jobs abound in West Texas, but obstacles hamper hiring

Jan 12, 2022
Is it the Great Resignation? A clean-energy future? Higher wages? Or all of the above?
Unemployment in Midland, Texas, has dropped since the summer, but the city's labor market remains tight.
Montinique Monroe/Getty Images

How a “gap year” away from the gig economy changed this artist’s life

Jan 12, 2022
“Time became the thing we identified as the ultimate privilege,” said Atiya Jones, a visual artist in Pittsburgh.
Atiya Jones rides a horse in New Mexico during her grant-funded "gap year." "My work is deeply inspired by the things I see," she said.
Courtesy Atiya Jones

NuScale, compact nuclear plant developer, plans to go public

Jan 12, 2022
The company has created a modular design it says makes financial sense. Though carbon-free, nuclear remains controversial.
An artist’s rendering of a NuScale Power nuclear facility. Though the energy source is carbon-free, accidents like the disaster at Fukushima, Japan, have diminished its popularity.
Courtesy NuScale Power

Alimony till death

From Marketplace’s “This is Uncomfortable”: When Sonia Delgado divorced her husband after 30 years of a bad marriage, she thought she’d finally seized financial freedom. Instead, she faced a lifetime of alimony.

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