Inflation is about more than a number
Mar 30, 2021

Inflation is about more than a number

There's a difference between how policymakers look at inflation and how it feels to consumers. Also on today's show: Home prices have been rising at the fastest clip in 15 years, and why some businesses are struggling to figure out their taxes.

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Inflation isn't just about higher prices

Mar 30, 2021
There’s how the government looks at inflation, and then there’s what inflation feels like for you and me.
Gas prices are a key statistic when it comes to inflation, especially for people who do a lot of driving.
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Home prices have been rising at fastest clip in 15 years

Mar 30, 2021
Prices climbed 11% year over year in metro areas, driven by the limited number of homes for sale and low mortgage rates.
Booming home prices, driven by limited inventory and low interest rates, can frustrate potential buyers.
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Estimated taxes might be harder to figure out this year

Mar 30, 2021
Estimated taxes are usually predictable, but not this year because many businesses' 2020 income was so erratic.
Although the deadline for individual taxpayers was deferred, many businesses have to pay their quarterly estimate by April 15, and this tax season has been unpredictable.
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Diaper banks have been struggling to keep up with demand

Mar 30, 2021
Diaper banks provide free diapers and often other infant supplies to parents who need them. This year, they're busier than ever.
Kids use anywhere from five to 12 diapers a day (or more) for the first three years of their lives. That’s an expense of at least $80 a month. And that doesn’t include wipes.
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Pandemic pushes big-city dreamers out of Shanghai

Mar 30, 2021
Workers from rural China came to Shanghai in search of better lives, a challenge even in good times. Then the COVID-19 lockdown hit.
Parents boast about their unmarried children's achievements on handwritten notes taped to umbrellas at Shanghai's People's Park. The ads bring China's urban-rural divide into sharp focus.
Charles Zhang/Marketplace

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