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Here’s what’s fueling that headline inflation number

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Customers wait in a check-out line at a Kroger grocery store in July in Houston.

Customers wait in line at a Kroger grocery store on July 15, 2022 in Houston, Texas. Brandon Bell/Getty Images

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Gas prices keep falling, but Americans still feel inflation's bite

by Lily Jamali Aug 10, 2022
Lower prices at the pump are offering some relief from other areas of inflation, like rent and food. But gas prices are a volatile indicator.

Why the price of groceries is going up faster than a meal out

by Samantha Fields Aug 10, 2022
In part, that’s because restaurants don’t want to scare away customers.

On tribal lands, broadband access remains a struggle

by Savannah Maher Aug 10, 2022
More funding for internet access has been made available during the COVID-19 pandemic, but coordination and permitting are still hurdles.

Summer camps are having trouble finding enough staffers; some are cutting back

by Robbie Feinberg Aug 10, 2022
In Maine, home to many summer camps, a YMCA camp had to limit its capacity to 80 kids due to staffing issues.

Frustrating user-experience tactics can have real harm, "dark pattern" expert says

by Kimberly Adams and Sarah Leeson Aug 10, 2022
Website and app design strategies that trick users can cost consumers time and money, Harry Brignull says.

Two booksellers searching for used books and a storefront

by Anais Amin Aug 10, 2022
"We actually love the physical retail experience," says Chris Capizzi, who co-owns A Good Used Book with his wife, Jenny Yang.

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