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If it feels like we’ve been here before …
Jan 10, 2022

If it feels like we’ve been here before …

... it's because we have. We'll also hear how a border vaccine mandate could impact a shortage of truck drivers and what homeownership has meant for one Virginia man.

Segments From this episode

Hospitals try to manage omicron surge along with staff shortages

Jan 10, 2022
Many U.S. hospitals report being critically short-staffed. Some are reducing beds and services or bringing back infected workers.
With more hospitals critically understaffed during the omicron surge, some have had to reduce bed capacity or defer elective procedures.
Joseph Prezioso/AFP via Getty Images

Big banks set to give investors good earnings news

Jan 10, 2022
Bank investors expect continued strength in 2022 because yields on loans could rise along with Federal Reserve rate hikes.
Bank profits may increasingly be driven by trading, investment and cryptocurrency rather than consumer lending.
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

“The pandemic has been a period of financial success for me”

Jan 10, 2022
Alex Hendee is among those who benefited from the housing market disruption caused by the pandemic.
Alex Hendee bought this house in Richmond, Virginia, just before the pandemic sparked a housing market boom in the area.
(Courtesy Hendee)

What might Canada's vaccine border mandate mean for the economy?

Jan 10, 2022
Some in the trucking industry say the mandate may exacerbate its current worker shortage.
A new vaccine requirement for drivers to cross the U.S.-Canada border could compound labor shortages among long-haul truckers and worsen other supply chain issues.
George Frey via Getty Images

Doing the numbers on affordable, carbon-neutral housing

Jan 10, 2022
A Colorado community is building affordable housing that uses solar power to offset its carbon emissions, thanks to its location.
The new Sunnyside affordable housing project. Its name refers to the abundant sunlight the south-facing hillside gets and to its rooftop solar panels, which generate clean energy.
Matt Hoisch

Could nuclear fusion solve the climate crisis?

Jan 10, 2022
A small British company says it is on track to decarbonize the economy with an abundant, safe and cheap source of energy — eventually.
Tokamak's latest nuclear fusion reactor, the ST40, which emulates the way stars generate energy, CEO Chris Kelsall says.
Photo courtesy Tokamak Energy

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