How U.S. sanctions led to Instagram censorship in Iran
Jan 13, 2020

How U.S. sanctions led to Instagram censorship in Iran

Plus: How phase one of the trade deal between the U.S. and China is affecting the steel industry, a new way to measure inflation, and the lack of diversity in the financial planning industry. 

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When you connect diversity to business outcomes, "people pay attention"

Dec 13, 2019
Women and people of color are dramatically underrepresented in the financial services industry, especially among certified financial planners — just 1.5% of CFPs are black, 2% are Hispanic or Latino and 23% are women.
Companies can take steps to close the racial pay gap, starting with collecting the data.

Journalists say Instagram is shutting down conversation about Soleimani

Jan 13, 2020
Facebook says it is legally required to take down posts in support of sanctioned groups and people. Is it going further than that?
People hold posters showing the portrait of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Major General Qassem Soleimani and chant slogans during a protest outside the U.S. Consulate on Jan. 5, 2020 in Istanbul, Turkey.
Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Trying to solve an inflation mystery

Jan 13, 2020
When prices for an item swing wildly up and down, they can drastically skew inflation measurements. A new index aims to rectify that.
Why would a decline in cellphone service plan prices affect inflation so drastically?
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Tackling the unpredictable gig work of Broadway

Jan 13, 2020
Stagehand John Hatch has been underemployed for more than eight months.
Hatch and a coworker at the 2017 Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. He was then working on CBS's "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."
Courtesy John Hatch

FICO scores rose to record high in 2019

Jan 13, 2020
Nearly six in 10 Americans now have a FICO score at or above 700, which is considered "good" credit.
Damien Meyer/AFP via Getty Images

Password sharing denies streaming services $9 billion in fees — report

Jan 13, 2020
Why aren't streaming services doing more to crack down on it?
Chris McGrath/Getty Images

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