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How the COVID-19 crisis compares to the Great Depression
Mar 31, 2020

How the COVID-19 crisis compares to the Great Depression

Plus, Britain's ventilator shortage, insurance hikes and the science of setting the markets to music.

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British manufacturers under pressure to make enough ventilators to combat COVID-19

Mar 31, 2020
A wide variety of manufacturers have joined the race to end the shortage of ventilators in the U.K.
Ventilators are critical for many COVID-19 patients. A doctor demonstrates at a hospital in Germany on March 25.
Axel Heimken/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

What the Great Depression can teach us about today’s financial turmoil

Mar 31, 2020
We are facing a very different kind of financial turmoil today, but there are some lessons in looking back.
What happened during the Great Depression is very different from what is happening today, but there are some lessons in that history.
Keystone/Getty Images

Storage is the hottest commodity right now in oil markets

Mar 31, 2020
Swooning demand means there's a lot of oil being produced but not consumed. That's making storage prices soar.
The price to store oil is soaring. Above, a pipeline carries oil at the Federal Strategic Petroleum Reserve facility known as Big Hill near Beaumont, Texas.
Joe Raedle/Newsmakers

With stores closed, local bookstores lean on online sales

Mar 31, 2020
At, a platform for independent bookstores, sales are way up.
Keystone/Getty Images

What sound does a volatile stock market make?

Mar 31, 2020
We know what the data looks like. But what if we could hear it?
Keystone/Getty Images

Will the pandemic mean higher health care costs in the future?

Mar 31, 2020
What consumers pay for insurance and care next year has a lot to do with how the COVID-19 crisis plays out.
How will the coronavirus pandemic affect insurance costs moving forward? Above, a temporary hospital is set up at the Jacob K. Javits Center on March 27 in New York.
Bryan R. Smith/AFP via Getty Images

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