How fast would the economy feel an interest rate cut?
Jul 10, 2024

How fast would the economy feel an interest rate cut?

When the Fed cuts interest rates, how long until Americans feel the impact? Plus, the business of alumni magazines and life as a doctor before digitization.

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How long does it take for interest rate cuts to show up in the economy?

Jul 10, 2024
While economists agree rate cuts won’t instantly juice an economy, there’s really no consensus on just how long that lag is.
Fed Chair Jay Powell took away the proverbial punch bowl with rate hikes. Now that the economy is slowing, “he’s got his hands on the punch bowl, he’s walking around the room with it, and he’s not sure whether to put it down on the table yet,” says Ann Owen, an economist at Hamilton College.
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Why are Gen Xers worried about retirement?

Jul 10, 2024
According to a new survey from BlackRock, only 60% of Gen Xers say they are on track to have enough retirement savings. And time is running out -- the oldest of them are reaching retirement age.
Unlike younger generations, Gen Xers are struggling to save money for retirement.
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Why more people are choosing to "put motherhood on ice"

A relatively new corporate benefit is leading to a rise in egg-freezing procedures. Emma Goldberg of The New York Times explains.
In recent years, more people have chosen to freeze their eggs in order to focus on their careers without simultaneously juggling the responsibilities of having a child.
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A physician recalls life before electronic medical records

Jul 10, 2024
Technology has allowed Dr. Winnie Lau of Florida to see more patients, but the level of care she's giving is the same, she says.
Before the widespread adoption of electronic medical records, doctors filled out a lot of paperwork in triplicate.
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How trade-oriented is the U.S. economy?

Jul 10, 2024
Compared to many other countries, the U.S. trade-to-GDP ratio is below the global average. But the explanation is complicated.
The U.S. imports and exports hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of goods and services ever year, but international trade accounts for a relatively low percentage of GDP.
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Why alumni magazines continue to be a standby of print journalism

Jul 10, 2024
During the pandemic, many colleges cut costs by taking their magazines entirely online. Since then, there's been a big shift back to print. 
“You can't put a digital magazine on your coffee table," said alumni magazine consultant Erin Peterson.
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