Mar 10, 2020

How do you prevent a coronavirus recession?

Today, we'll look at how a payroll tax cut would work. Plus: canceled flights, canceled classes and a price war on oil. 

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What Trump's payroll tax cut proposes to do for workers, businesses

Mar 10, 2020
Payroll tax cuts, used to boost the economy, only help those who get a paycheck.
President Donald Trump talks to reporters about the spread of the coronavirus, the state of the economy and the market's reaction to the outbreak.
Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Airlines cut flights as demand plummets

Mar 10, 2020
Deciding which flights to cancel means considering the effects on the entire, byzantine, schedule.
Flights are nearly empty due to coronavirus fears.
Laurel Chor/Getty Images

As COVID-19 spreads, the nation doubles down on cleaning

Mar 10, 2020
With transit systems encouraging people to wash their hands and avoid touching their face and businesses stepping up their own efforts, the country finds itself in a disinfecting moment.
Empty shelves might be an increasingly familiar sight.
Justin Tallis/AFP via Getty Images

What lunch shaming tells us about how we think about poor people

Mar 10, 2020
The way we talk about poverty and the the people living in it could be getting in the way of solving inequality. One example? Lunch shaming.
Cafeteria workers prepare lunches for school children at the Normandie Avenue Elementary School in South Central Los Angeles.
Mark Ralston/AFP via Getty Image

Oil price war: Saudis have lowest costs; doesn't mean they'll win

Mar 10, 2020
Low oil prices affect all producer nations. Each has different vulnerabilities.
Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images

How COVID-19 is affecting small businesses in Seattle

Mar 10, 2020
We checked in with owners of a florist, a women's boutique and a small pharmacy.
The Seattle skyline in 2019.
Donald Miralle/Getty Images

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