How do economists forecast recessions?
Jan 30, 2023

How do economists forecast recessions?

Today, we look at the art and science of modeling recessions. Plus, we'll check in on the toy biz and efforts to recircuit the semiconductor supply chain.

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How much have prices increased over the past year? It depends on where you live.

Jan 30, 2023
Inflation's been running hotter in areas that people have been moving into — and cooler where they're moving out.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, prices in Miami, seen above, have ticked up more than 10%. Housing costs are partially to blame.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Economists are predicting a recession. Does that really mean we'll have one?

Jan 30, 2023
We take a look inside the world of economic forecasting and ask whether predictions are reliable.
Economists at Wells Fargo and JPMorgan expect a recession this year but describe it as "modest" and "mild."
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

For business owners in China, a touch-and-go reopening after zero-COVID

Jan 30, 2023
While China's most high-profile executives express unflagging optimism on TV, for small business owners, the picture is more complicated.
Food vendors at the Muslim quarter in Xi'an seem bored without customers in late December 2022. That was when COVID infections swept across China.
Jennifer Pak/Marketplace

The U.S. is trying to remake the chip supply chain, despite the glut

Jan 30, 2023
American policymakers are aiming to promote U.S. chip manufacturing while protecting national security, experts say.
A recent surplus of semiconductor chips has caused prices to tank.
Annabelle Chih/Getty Images
After a flurry of toy purchases fueled by the pandemic, toy company Hasbro recently reported layoffs and cratering sales.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

An uphill battle to professionalize lawmaking

State legislators are paid differently depending on where they are. Marketplace’s Savannah Maher reports from New Mexico, the only all-volunteer state legislature in the nation.

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