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How consumer behavior is affecting the economic recovery
Jun 11, 2021

How consumer behavior is affecting the economic recovery

Also: Some British executives are getting bonuses for good behavior, and has the pandemic changed Americans' relationship with vacations?

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How we decide what to buy

Jun 11, 2021
Do the rising prices of things like cars and homes actually affect how people are spending their money?
"No one thinks about how much I should spend on cereal in response to changes in gas prices," an economist says.
Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

What happens to consumer demand when products are scarce?

Jun 11, 2021
Do you wait? Change your plans? Buy something else?
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Should company bosses get a bonus for good behavior?

Jun 11, 2021
More senior executives in Britain are winning a financial reward for running their companies ethically. But isn't that part of the job?
Some executives in Britain are receiving bonuses for making ethical decisions. But critics wonder why executives need to be paid extra for doing the right thing.
Prostock-Studio via Getty Images

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