Health care is still hot in the job market
Jul 9, 2024

Health care is still hot in the job market

That medical procedure you put off during the pandemic is boosting health care hiring. Plus, heat waves and wildfires have major economic impacts.

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Health care openings still hot amid cooling job market

Jul 9, 2024
People who left during during the pandemic are still being replaced. Providers struggle to fill the gaps as demand steadily rises.
Demand for workers is still strong in the health care industry, partly driven by demographic aging.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Small-business optimism climbs, but inflation agita persists

Jul 9, 2024
The mood among businesspeople is better than it has been this year, but they're still more pessimistic than the historical average.
High costs remain top of mind for many small-business owners, according to a survey from the NFIB
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Heat waves are becoming more intense. What will it mean for people and places?

Jul 9, 2024
Heat waves can cause adverse health effects and even be fatal. How are people and cities preparing for a world with more extreme heat?
Heat waves are the deadliest weather phenomenon in the last 30 years in the U.S., writes Umair Irfan for Vox.
Kevin Carter/Getty Images

For affected communities, wildfire recovery is a slow burn 

Jul 9, 2024
For those who choose to stay and rebuild after a devastating blaze, the experience can become a test of patience and endurance.
A destroyed homestead and car sit among the ruins of Blue River, Oregon, after the Holiday Farm Fire in 2020.
Brian Bull/KLCC

Why steel prices have been sagging all year

Jul 9, 2024
Slowing demand in construction and manufacturing in the U.S. and around the globe have pulled steel prices lower for months.
Two reasons steel prices have dropped? Slowed construction spending and flat-ish manufacturing activity.
David Becker/Getty Images

Kids want $70 wrinkle creams. Parents and lawmakers are "fighting a losing battle"

Jul 9, 2024
Elementary and middle school kids are flocking to stores to buy products recommended on TikTok. But they may be harming their skin.
Drunk Elephant is one of the most popular skin care brands among children.
Caleigh Wells/Marketplace

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