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Maybe don’t take a stand
Oct 10, 2023

Maybe don’t take a stand

Fewer Americans want brands to speak out about current events. Plus, some small businesses are having trouble borrowing enough cash.

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With higher interest rates, small businesses and lenders proceed with caution

Oct 10, 2023
Only a quarter of small businesses say they're getting the credit they need, according to the National Federation of Independent Business.
Some banks have been more cautious about lending to certain sectors of the economy that aren’t doing so well. That includes commercial real estate.
Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

Fewer Americans want brands to take a stand on controversial issues

Oct 10, 2023
A recent Bentley-Gallup survey says 41% of Americans think businesses should take a public stance on current events. That’s down from 48% just a year ago. What happened?
Maybe we don’t care what our toothpaste says about us. But we do care about what our shoes say as we walk through the world in them. Above, a 2018 Nike advertisement featuring quarterback Colin Kaepernick.
Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

Inside Smallhold's specialty mushroom supply chain

Oct 10, 2023
The Brooklyn-based startup is hoping to alter the future of fungi through a network of urban farms.
Smallhold hopes to build a network of mushroom farms across the U.S. Above, yellow oyster mushrooms grow in Smallhold’s Vernon, California, farm.
Sofia Terenzio/Marketplace

Earnings season sparks hopes of upside surprises

Oct 10, 2023
Optimism is growing that earnings could top expectations and provide a boost to the stock markets.
Getty Images

Solutions to AI image bias raise their own ethical questions

Oct 10, 2023
De-biasing artificial intelligence image generators pose questions around synthetic diversity, historical accuracy.
Text to image AI companies know that the pictures generated by their software are informed by images that are already available on the internet. But the best way to correct for that bias can gets complicated.
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