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The Fed’s stress testing is put to the test

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The top of the Federal Reserve headquarters' block exterior against a blue sky. Near the top center of the building is an eagle sculpture.

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Another day, another rate hike

Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal provides context for today’s decision by the Federal Reserve to increase its key interest rate a quarter-point.

Banks in Turmoil

Stress tests aim to reveal banks' weaknesses. More banks will probably have to run them.

by Mitchell Hartman Mar 22, 2023
But the probes can't uncover every problem before trouble erupts.

The job market is hot. But who's hiring?

by Samantha Fields Mar 22, 2023
The sectors hit hardest during the pandemic, including hospitality and retail, are coming back.

Reverse stock splits explained through a battle against bankruptcy

by Kristin Schwab Mar 22, 2023
Bed Bath & Beyond is seeking a reverse split, a sign that a company is not confident that its stock will rise on its own, one expert says.

Moderna will charge around $130 for its COVID vaccine — and Congress isn't too happy

by Kimberly Adams Mar 22, 2023
But the pharma company promised that individuals won't pay the full amount.

The clock's striking midnight on some federal pandemic relief loans for small businesses

by Justin Ho Mar 22, 2023
Businesses that received some federal pandemic loans could defer paying for two years, meaning most are coming due this year.

The lessons that bank runs teach

We hear from Christina Stembel, CEO of Farmgirl Flowers, about how she’s thinking about banking in the wake of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse.

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