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The economics of kidnapping
Apr 30, 2019

The economics of kidnapping

Ransom — and the insurance that covers it — is a big business. But first: how are tariffs affecting American businesses? Plus: With home prices dragging, are we headed for a buyer's market?

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Don't look at corporate earnings for clues on how the economy is doing

Apr 30, 2019
What's good (or bad) for corporations may not be good for the economy overall.
Board members watch a video demonstration for the Surface Hub 2 during the Microsoft annual shareholders meeting in Bellevue, Washington, in 2018.
Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

The economics of kidnapping

How the criminal underworld operates the ransom business.
Philippine soldiers walk along a highway as they return to camp after an armed encouter with members of militant kidnap-for-ransom group, Abu Sayyaf, in the Sulu province on the southern island of Mindanao on August 26, 2016.

Honolulu looks to Singapore to solve its housing shortage

Apr 30, 2019
Honolulu’s housing market is one of the most expensive in the country.
Condo buildings visible from Ala Moana Beach Park.
Ryan Finnerty for Marketplace

Homebuyers in expensive markets may finally get a break

Apr 30, 2019
New data shows price growth has been slowing for nearly in a year in some markets.
A for sale sign is seen on a single family home January 30, 2008 in Vallejo, California.
Paul Morris/Getty Images

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