Divesting from Russia is easier said than done
Mar 2, 2022

Divesting from Russia is easier said than done

Divesting from Russia is going to cost billions and take time ... and probably won't change Putin's mind. Plus: Fed chief Powell confirms an interest rate hike.

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You knew it was coming ... and it's almost here

One thing that's pretty certain? An interest rate increase of .25%. Something a little more hazy? The economic impact of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

International companies exiting Russia face logistical challenges

Mar 2, 2022
ExxonMobil has a 30% stake in the Russian oil and gas project Sakhalin-1. Divesting may be time-consuming and expensive.
For ExxonMobil, divesting from Russia might be difficult.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

How does isolating Russia affect global aviation?

"We have gone backward probably about 30 years in a blink of an eye," says Jon Ostrower, editor of aviation industry website The Air Current.
"Global aviation relies on two fundamental pillars that cannot be ignored: peace and stability," says Jon Ostrower of The Air Current.
Jason Redmond/AFP via Getty Images

Move to "right-sizing" changes commercial real estate landscape in San Francisco

Mar 2, 2022
The hybrid office could reshape the city's economy.
San Francisco's downtown is grappling with a shift from catering to its 9-to-5 crowd, a substantial part of which will be permanently hybrid.
DianeBentleyRaymond/Getty Images

There's an oil market crisis even without sanctions on Russian exports

Mar 2, 2022
Brent crude rose above $113 a barrel Wednesday — the highest level in eight years.
Though oil prices have reached the highest levels in eight years, OPEC+ is choosing not to ramp up production.
Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

Rising wheat prices stoke fears for countries importing from Russia and Ukraine

Mar 2, 2022
More than a quarter of the world's wheat exports come from Ukraine and Russia. Disruptions will affect the Middle East and North Africa most.
The Middle East and North Africa stand to be hit the hardest by high prices for wheat.
Mohammed Huwais/ AFP Getty Images

Russia is trying to prop up the ruble ... but it's not working

Mar 2, 2022
The ruble is a free-floating currency whose value tracks supply and demand. But sanctions have demolished demand and wrecked the market.
A currency exchange office in St. Petersburg, Russia. People are trying to unload their rubles as the value of the currency plummets.
Olga Maltseva/AFP via Getty Images

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